Friday, October 15, 2010

News Headlines

We thought we'd share a few news clips we heard earlier that were entertaining.
"Katy Perry dropped from Seseme Street.  Elmo duet considered 'too saucy.'"

And in a story by the Sydney station about Sydney losing one of it's 5 star restaurants bringing it's city total down to 3, "But it's not all bad news, Melbourne only has 2." (cue hot newscaster smirk)
Clearly that Sydney-Melbourne rivalry still exists.

It's been interesting that not only is the Australian slang prevelant throughout everyday life, but it is commonly used in the news by the newscasters, not just the people they interview.  For example, "This young family was devo by the damage caused to their home by last night's storm."  Devo = Devastated.

And as a random side note, we are currently drinking lemonade made by an Australian company called "Thirst Crusher."

Australians seem to love for all words to end in O or E.  Sunglasses = Sunnies, Breakfast = Brekky, Afternoon = Arvo.  Another big story here lately is about the Pokies, meaning the Poker/Slot machines.  It's really funny to listen to old people discussing "the pokies."

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