Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fyshwick Markets

Canberra has two primary freshfood markets- one is in Fyshwick and one in Belconnen. Like most things in Canberra, one is in the north and one is on the southside of town. There seems to have been a big emphasis on making sure that people on one side of town had the same attractions and amenities as the other side of town. This is incredibly convenient for us. Fyshwick happened to be about 3 kilometers (please note that use of the metric system) from our hotel so we decided to check it out one sunday morning.  Essentially, its a big, central parking area completely surrounded by shops, food stands, and markets. You can buy pet supplies, Persian Rugs, fresh vegetables, exotic meets (kangaroo! alligator!), and a full variety of fish. Some of which are still alive in tanks, so you can point and say, "I want that one. No, the one that's staring at me funny. I'll eat him. That'll teach him to give me the fisheye."

Fruits and veggies galore! Mango is always in season, and all of the Asian fruits are readily available as well. We haven't had the guts yet to try a Durian. Heard about it? It's supposed to be really good, but when you cut it open it smells like a gym bag crossed with seventeen day old cabbage. It's the stinkiest of fruits. If you try to do a google search, google will have guessed what you are looking for after you only type "stinky asian..."  We know, we just tried it. And yes, the preceding sentence taken by itself does sound kind of racist.

The meat section with a full butcher's section in back. There was no butchering going on when we were there.

The fish!

Funny story. Fyshwick is known for two things- 1. Delicious food markets, which we have experience with. 2. Readily available prostitutes, which we do not have experience with. We learned this because we texted Laurel's Australian friend, Alex, that we were going to Fyshwick, and she was more than a little confused. Moral to the story- if you tell someone you are going to Fyshwick, be explicit about what you are going there for. Unless you are actually going to get a prostitute, then... your call.


  1. 15th and Marstellar is the place to go for ladies of ill repute in Wilmington, if you'd like to compare the next time you're in town. I've not heard good things about the farmer's market on that block though...

  2. Still waiting on those koala steaks...