Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kitties & Magpies (not together)

When we brought the kitties home from Quarantine they were, understandably, quite nervous.  They started out hiding in the closet, then moved to under the bed, and then for some reason Luna decided our bathroom sink was the perfect comfort zone.  No idea why, but whatever, she seemed happy for the next couple hours.

Simon being his usual helper-self.  We imagine him saying, "Hey what're you doing in here?  Is there something interesting?  I'll come help you investigate."  Both kitties have since calmed down and seem very happy in their new home.

Our neighbors warned us that it is a good idea to befriend the local magpies.  Apparently they remember who lives there and if they see someone they don't recognize or decide they don't like they will swoop them.  Repeatedly.  We decided to bribe them with some deli ham since they love meat.  We instantly attracted several of the neighborhood watch committee who were very excited about our gift.  Fighting and warboling ensued.

The next day when we openned our bedroom curtains, they gathered in a line in front of our windows and just stared at us.  It was more than a little creepy.  We decided it best not to give them more ham for a while.  They have started leaving us chicken bones in our driveway.  We are only assuming they are chicken bones.  They are disturbingly large.  Not sure whether this is a good sign or not, but neither of us has been swooped thus far.


  1. Those bones- maybe a hint? :-)
    Love the kitty pics.

  2. love all the wildlife...even these