Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Floriade is a month long flower festival that runs from the middle of September to the middle of October. At first I figured they did it just to welcome us, but apparently it's every year. It's a big deal in Canberra, and they import and plant thousands of flowers, as well as having craft fairs and carnival rides. The flowers are arranged in various designs that when viewed from above are probably quite striking. However, they didn't have any elevated viewing platforms so I have to take their word for it. They offer hot air balloons to go over, but we didn't take one. This picture is supposed to be the artist's cavas- note the paintbrush prop. It's "painting on" the flowers.

This picture is mainly to prove that we were actually there and aren't just total posers with other people's pictures.  We've noticed that we have a tendency not to take pictures of ourselves. Also, we are exceptionally good looking no matter what continent we are on.

Sunset in Canberra. Looking over one of the pillars that jut out from one of the many bridges in Canberra. Canberra is built around Lake Burley-Griffin, and uses the lake as a design feature to enhance the beauty of the city.

Another landscape view of Canberra. It really is a beautiful area. On the left is the bell tower. I have no idea what is on the right.

Hey look! It's the Kennedy Center . . . wait a minute . . .
I believe it's Australia's National Library. Some would call it plagarism, but we would like to think of it as a tribute. Apparently, the architect who designed Canberra was from Chicago. Which explains why the layout is very reminiscent of Washington, DC. Canberra is 100% a planned city, and Australians are quite proud of that. Like DC, Canberra was built to be the nation's capital. When Australia became independant, both Sydney and Melbourne wanted to be the capital, since clearly each was Australia's premier city. To forestall a fight, they split the difference, and built the capital, Canberra.

In the background is Parliament with a giant flagpole above it. Like DC, the city is designed so that the flagpole is the highest point in the city. Think the Capital Building.  This is actually New Parliament. There is an Old Parliament directly in front of it, both of which were in the original city design.

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  1. Awesome shots - so glad y'all are loving Canberra :) And I LOVE seeing pictures of you two.. more please!