Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kingston Bus Depot

Kingston is the suburb of Canberra where we first lived when we were in the hotel.  Every Sunday there is a large market held in the old Bus Depot (hence the name).  This is a great venue for an assortment of things - food, drinks, alcohol, furniture, art, clothing, various crafts, etc.  Basically a little of everything.

This first picture is of the plant and herb sales section. We now have our own little herb garden! We're super gourmet. Especially since we figured out the last tenants in our house grew a giant wild onion and oregano patch on the side of the house. Herbal high five! What a difference fresh herbs make.

 We go here first, buy some of his Lemon Honey Ginger Tea or Spiced Cider or Mulled Wine. It's amazing. He also makes fresh squeezed orange juice, but we're too busy drinking everything else we haven't actually tried it yet. That's why there's a giant orange over his stand.

Okay, you can't see him, but on the right we found this guy who sells the flat out best juice in the world. Or the very least the best juice on the two continents that we have lived on. There might be some dude in Nigeria who makes better juice I guess. Anyway, its amazing. There's mango, black currant, pink guava, and orange. Fantastic stuff.

Hey Olivia, check it out! This is where we will be buying all of your desserts. A delicious selection of gluten-free treats just for you!

In other exciting news, our furniture is scheduled to arrive (finally!) this Wednesday (Nov 3).  We are VERY excited to have our stuff back with us.  Maybe then we will not feel like we're squating in someone else's home.  Also, our house might be less echoey which would be cool.  So, soon to come are photos of our home because there is no point posting photos of an empty house since you would all think, "Yep, that looks like an empty room.... wonder how big it is and what it will be used for?"  Wow, you have so much to look forward to!


  1. Oh my goodness - what an amazing blog shout-out!!! Ship them ALL, please? I know where we'll be going when we visit!
    Awesome post, as always. I especially loved the Herbal High Five.. Greg, you're freaking hilarious.

  2. That market looks like so much fun! I don't know if a 2-week visit will be long enough...

  3. I was eavesdropping on the local alcohol chain ppl at the coffeeshop today-apparently there is in existance something called Chocovine which is a chocolate red wine. I am intrigued...
    Whats the strangest food you've tried in Australia? I know they have some strange pasty stuff they put on EVERYTHING that is very salty (Ive forgotten what its called but I didnt like it). I tried it at the diabetic summercamp I was working at last summer- OMG its called Vegemite! Ugh! Have you been forced to try it yet?