Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Greg has no idea he's currently surrounded by LASER CATS!!!

Our Christmas tree!  It's very fake, but looks surprisingly nice. We bought the Aspen Spruce #8- it's completely silver. We could also choose from green, black (Black Forest Fir), and gold. We figured with the silver we wouldn't have to spend the next month cleaning up tinsel. We also bought a string of blue lights, and were quite surprised to find out they blinked. No where on the package did it say that, and as of this time, we have found no way to disable this feature. Merry blinky Christmas!

Kitties love Christmas too. Thanks for the kitty toys, Elena and Tina!

We spent the rest of the day a Pebbly Beach with my friend Alex's Family.  Pebbly Beach is part of a national park and offers campgrounds, kangaroos, parrots, and other fun wildlife and beautiful scenery.  So much fun!

This is Alex's niece, Olive aka the cutest baby in the world.

This is a Goana. We presumed it was an Iguana and just couldn't understand the Australian accent, but no, apparently, its a completely different critter. This one was about two feet long and just wandering around the campsite. Alex's family remarked that it was a small one. And they STILL let their baby wander around?

Alex and Laurel feeding the local parrots. One was exceptionally hungry and took an entire cookie for himself. He was also the smallest and chased off the other parrots.

Our dinner was joined by a trio of Kookaburras looking for a grilled chicken handout. Alex's mom said this was very un-kookaburra behaviour as generally they consider themselves above begging. We believe it was a mom and two babies.

Christmas pudding!

They served the pudding with custard and cream, which we hear is tradition.  So yummy!  We want to send a big thanks to Alex and her family for a wonderful Christmas dinner!

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