Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So this is late but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and stuffed themselves full of turkey, just as we did.  Although we were unable to hold Thanksgiving on the actual day (Laurel had to work as did the rest of Australia), we did do a big get together on the following Saturday.  It was a very international affair and the first Thanksgiving for all of our guests whom were all Australian except for 2 Brits.  Nearly everyone was either a coworker of Laurel's or their partner.  It was great fun bringing an American holiday to new place!

We ended up cooking our turkey on the bbq since we did not have enough room (or time) to cook the turkey and all the sides in our oven.  It weighed in at 5.4 kilos and turned out great!  That's around 11 lbs for you non-metric followers.

Us working on the finishing touches...

Luna bug was not a fan of the commotion.  She is the lump your see in the bed.  Poor little bug.

Some decorations.  The redish flowers are called Kangaroo Paw.

Carving the turkey!  And Greg making a crazy face?  I think someone's having a little too much fun with that big knife...

The feast!!

So we were going to make a Pumpkin Roll, which is basically a very thin pumpkin cake rolled up with cream cheese icing, but the pan we usually use is way too long for our oven.  Either the ovens here are tiny or we just got that lucky.  Anyway, we ended up turning it into a 2-layer pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling.  Same idea, but looked more like an Oreo.  Still delicious.

Some of our guests.  Look at their happy turkey-coma-ed smiles.  Ahh Thanksgiving, how we love you...  I am happy to report they all came to play as additional sides/desserts were brought and multiple helpings of everything were had by all.  A great Thanksgiving success!


  1. Thanksgiving at the Oteys' house - I see a new Australian national holiday in the making! Everything looks DELICIOUS!

  2. I love Turkey Day so much - I'm so glad you could spread the love :) Praise the lord for the Mayflower!!!!