Friday, December 17, 2010

Gingerbread House (Masterpiece)!!!

So one of the perks of doing Interior Design vs Architecture (interiors vs exteriors) is you get invited to Sales Reps events (the people who supply the products we spec), that include such things as free drinks, food, party favors (gifts), and competitions.  It makes the free overtime we work, and lack of respect our profession often gets a little more worth it.  With the holidays comes a greater than usual offering of such events.  Recently my firm was invited to particpate in a Gingerbread House Competition/Holiday Drinks event by one of our favorite sales reps.

Check out the awesome Gingerbread House we made!!!  It's a log cabin style home with pretzles sticks as the logs and a gingerbread foundation.  The shingle roof is made of chocolate pieces and pink edging (icing) for a little accent of color.  It also features a stone (crushed walnuts) foundation, chimney, and window sills.  Notice the interlocking log corner details?  And don't forget the log & stone porch.  That's right, that's what happens when you give designer a gingerbread house challenge.  Sadly, we didn't win.  But that's ok, it was fun.  And I still love the house we created.  Go team pvh!

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  1. I am really loving the stonework! I can't believe that you didn't win :( Talk to you soon. love, M<3m