Thursday, July 11, 2013

Multicultural Festival

For the second year in a row, we hit up Canberra's Multicultural Festival. It totally snuck up on us this year. A couple days before it started, Greg was on the bus home from work and was like, hey, why are they blocking off streets and setting up booths? Oh, sweet! Food from all over the world. Say no more, we are there.

It was a big day for Immy, too. For the first time she got to face front in the bjorn. It's a big world out there, and Immy wants to look at all of it. We got probably seven feet into the festival before stopping at our first food booth. A Bhutanese dumpling place. This dish, specifically the hot relish they put on top of the dumplings, may have been the best thing we ate all day. Immy was also interested and immediately stuck her hand into the relish. Fortunately, we got her cleaned off before her fingers found their way into her mouth, which would have made for a very unhappy baby!

The place was a bit of a madhouse, but we found a little bit of shade to stand in while we dug into our next course, a collection of Spanish tapas- marinated spiced mushrooms, potatos, and sausages in rice. Laurel in her future job as a plate model.

We've found a new thing Immy loves- pan flute music! She was just transfixed by these guys . . . until the music got too loud and she started to cry. But before that, it was amazing. We also thanked them for keeping us safe from a Guinea-saurus Rex attack.

It didn't take long for Immy to recover. We got some more dumpling treats, Nepalese, this time, and Immy was eyeing up both our plates to see what we had. She's starting to get interested in food- solids here we come.

Street performers doing some folk dancing. Not positive, but I want to say Turkish?

Immy was getting tired so we were starting to think about leaving. Laurel wanted a sweet treat for the road though, and we turned the corner and her prayers were answered- the Belgian pancake stand! After much consideration, Laurel opted for the chocolate sauce and ice cream on the side. Good job, Multicultural Festival, good job.

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  1. I was so excited to see new posts!! Can't wait to see where Laurel's first plate ad ends up!