Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Iron Chef Australia III

Since our time in Australia is growing perilously short there were a few things we had to get on the ball and plan, but the most important thing was a final Iron Chef battle. Thus it was so, and Laurel made this awesome invitation.

Amazing. Egg was the ingredient and since Olivia was here everything had to be gluten free. Extra challenge. Before the battle, Greg had a talk with Olivia and Laurel about the importance of one of us winning so we could take trophy back home to America and keep passing it around. Spoiler Alert: This did not happen. EVERYONE brought their A game. We say this every time, but this was easily the best Iron Chef party we've ever had. American friends, you are on notice.

First up was Adrian and Cristy's Mexican bean burritos with a fried egg. Totally didn't see a Mexican dish coming. Most important thing to note was that Cristy designed and constructed a homemade tortilla press and made them from scratch at the party. I have no idea how we didn't get a picture of that. It's also a testament to just how good all of the food was that they didn't win automatically because of that. But they probably should have.

Helena and Chris brought two entries, the first was a single serve quiche with pumpkin, corn, onion, tomatoes, and tuna. On paper, doesn't sound great. In your mouth, it is freaking delicious. Greg ate the leftovers for the breakfast the next three days and was so happy.

Tim and Anu (our first Finnish contestant! We are storming the world with this party) made a spinach and feta quiche. This won for Best Use of Them Ingredient. Our concern for this ingredient was that it would be 100% quiche, which thankfully, it wasn't, but we're really glad they made this. We were three entries in and everything was delicious . . . and people were starting to get full. That was the one flaw with the Egg Battle.

Power through everybody. 

An hour and a half into the party Olivia and Laurel's co-worker Victor, who had joined forces, decided to finally join. They were coming with an insane three entries. Olivia can be seen here prepping her cauliflower crust pizza. Also, Victor makes funny faces while cooking.

Helena samples Greg and Laurel's entry- egg drop soup.

Because making homemade tortillas was not enough (repeat American friends- start planning now), Cristy was also attempting a self scrambled egg. You put an egg in pantyhose, and spin it around super fast so the egg scrambles. Then boil and serve. Unfortunately, it didn't work, but we were intrigued.

Olivia and Victor's first entry- spicy polenta bake with eggs. SUPER delicious.

Now a little bit of controversy here. They also made baked pears with sugar crusted pecans. Admittedly, the presentation is great, and it won that award, but Greg feels it should have been disqualified as the only use of egg was to crust the walnuts. Don't think this counts as an egg dish, however he was overruled by everyone else being blinded by how pretty and delicious it was. Fair enough. 

Last but not least, I give you the Egg Battle Champion- Helena and Chris's Orange Creme Caramel. So good.

Great party everybody! Thanks for sending it off with a bang.


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