Friday, August 2, 2013

Laurel's 30th Birthday!

Laurel's birthday. 30 years. Laurel set a high bar with the awesome celebrations she had planned for him last year, so he was a little nervous about living up to it. Fortunately, he had an ace up his sleeve, a co-worker, Deb, who dabbles in professional cake making. So, he commissioned her to make the ultimate chocolate cake. She delivered.

Deb actually apologized to Greg when he picked it up. She said it didn't come out like she intended. I don't know what she had pictured in her head, but this is amazing. The gold dust flowers were made with amaretto. Oh Deb, you do not have anything to apologize for.

She also hand-dipped 30 strawberries in white, milk, and dark chocolate. Going above and beyond the call of duty Deb, but I am so glad you did because it is delicious. 

Since this was Laurel's 30th birthday, it demanded three different events, one for each decade. The first was a spa day with Olivia (not pictured), but the second was a big night out at the Kennedy Room with all of our friends. Haven't had one of those in a loooooooong time. Fortunately, one of Olivia's co-workers was on hand to babysit Imogen.  The theme was black and white, so everyone had to dress in those colors. So Laurel would really pop, she wore a simply stunning red dress. Most of the party attendees were confused.

Looking good!

There were Finland reunions with Alex and Tim (and Robbie not pictured)...

 Hot Mamas- Laurel, Anu (7 months pregnant), & Elissa (just had a daughter 2 months ago)...

Serious talks.....

 And dancing!

Kissy face!

If you were wondering what Laurel looks like at 1 am when she desperately wants cake ... this is it. Mmmmmmmmm, cake!!

Birthday breakfast, Australian style! Fried egg on toast with rocket (arugula) and baked beans. We are going to miss Australia's love affair with brunch.

The third part of Birthday Birthday Birthday was fancy dinner at Aubergine, Canberra's best restaurant. So we all got dolled up in our finest and prepared for Canberra's finest dining experience. You know it's quality when you make the reservation, and they ask you if there are any dietary restrictions; you tell them one person is gluten free, and they are like yep, not a problem at all.

This was Laurel's appetizer- a veal tartare. Such a bold order!

Greg had the octopus and squid soup. Unusual things from the sea in soup form? Yes, please! It does not get better than that.

We should do this more often.  Delicious dinner and a second bottle of wine- yes, let's make that happen. Happy 30th!! Such a great night.

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  1. OMG, this is really how to do it! Good on ya, Greg! Happy (belated) birthday, Laurel! Bekah