Monday, January 14, 2013

Spooky Cupcakes II!

Sorry for yet another long delay guys. As you are no doubt aware, we've had a bit of change in our life lately, and blogging has just fallen way down the list of daily priorities. Stupid life, always getting in the way of things (just kidding Immy!).
Now, let's go into the wayback machine to October 2012. It was time for Year Two of our new Halloween tradition- making spooky cupcackes! Once again, Greg was on the sidelines (hangin out with his visiting Mom instead of playing cricket), while Laurel and her friend Helena got down to some serious baking.  Here they are hard at work preparing the raspberry blood drippings to go on the zombie braaaaaaaaaaaains.
That is some professional looking application. It's probably good they didn't let Greg help, he would have just tried to glob in on with a spoon.

Last year's batch of Spooky Cupcakes was such a hit, we decided to make three of the four kinds again. Sorry, eyeballs and worms, you didn't make the cut this year. You were a little too spooky. At both our offices, those were the last ones to get eaten. So here are the completed mummies and brains, just as delicious looking as last year.

Later, some angry ghosts got called in to protect the brains. One thing is certain at Halloween from now on- if there are no other cupackes there will be ghost cupcakes. They are Laurel's favorite.

Here is the new one we made this year- gingerbread graveyards! If they weren't so ghastly they'd be adorable.

All four, for your viewing pleasure. In case you were wondering, they were even better tasting than they look, and that's saying something. Greg supports any tradition that includes delicious things to eat.

This year we've started what will probably be a lifelong, non-seasonal tradition: taking pictures of our daughter in situations she's probably not totally cool with. Thus, creating memories that she will be incredibly embarressed about when she's a teenager. But whatever, look how cute she is as a spooky pumpkin! She even tolerated it for a few minutes!

 . . . and then it was no longer okay. Happy Halloween everyone!

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