Saturday, October 6, 2012

Christmas in July (2)!

As many of you may already know, Greg turned 30 this year. Laurel had a surprise- she booked us in for the Christmas in July seven course feast at Sweet Copper. We blogged about attending this last year, it was a fantastic evening. Greg had completely forgotten about it this year, but fortunately, Laurel had not.  

For some reason (too busy stuffing them in our faces) we didn't get pictures of the first two courses, a pesto on toast, and a cold crab and prawn salad. Just picture them in your head, and envision the goodness. Seriously, the crab and prawn salad was probably the best thing we had all night, and for quite some time before it. Anyway, the third course was billed as "Refresh"- a cup of fresh mangoes and strawberries, mixed with yogurt and champagne, and a lychee on top. Laurel had a non-alcoholic version.

Ah, the main course. A Christmas feast. Traditional Aussie Turkey roll- a layer of ham wrapped around a turkey breast and stuffing and then baked, with roasted vegetables, potatoes, and chestnuts. We'd never had roasted chestnuts before, so it took us a little bit to figure out what they were, but man they were good. We are going to have to look into how to make those for proper-Christmas this year.

Look at those two happy people getting ready to tuck into a feast, after having already eaten what amounts to a feast. And don't worry, that's sparkling apple juice in Laurel's glass.

Now, this is how you do dessert. Sliced apples and strawberries and a molten chocolate cake, cup of cream on the side. Mmmmm, deliciousness.

Such a great night, and a great way to spend Greg's birthday. Laurel is the best!


  1. OMG Laural you are so cute preggers!! Looks like you guys are loving Australia.

  2. Apparently we've been going to Australia during the wrong part of the year. After our upcoming trip in December, I definitely want to go down under in July, as long as I have a reservation for Christmas in July at the same restaurant as you went to in this blog post!