Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cairns Esplanade

Today is the day Bob and Olivia finally made it to Australia. Full Jackson family unite!

After a quick trip back to the house so they could drop off their bags and shower, we headed to Cairns for lunch. Cairns is a nice little town, with a population of a little over 125,000 and a surprisingly vibrant downtown area.

Now, the funny thing about Cairns- it's a beach town in a tropical zone where its main claim to fame is that it's the jumping off point for seeing the Great Barrier Reef. So, beach capital of the world right? Nope. Between the marine stingers (jellyfish) that inhabit the waters eight months of the year, and a suprising lack of actual beach coastline, there is no beach in Cairns. This really surprised us. To compensate Cairns has the Esplanande, a public saltwater pool about three blocks from the city center that overlooks the ocean.

Greg was a big fan of the Esplanade. Nice place to cool the feet. And to be silly.

It's no beach, but it will do. Not a bad view. And we love the fish statues.

Yep, that is definitely not a beach.

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. We can totally understand why it looked like all of Cairns was at the Esplanade.

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