Friday, July 15, 2011

High tea

So, once again I have to lead off a post with an apology for the length of time between posts. For once though, it wasn't due to sheer laziness, but rather Greg losing the power charger when he was back in the States for five days a couple weeks ago. Since all our pictures are on the laptop, that pretty much shut us down. Pretty sure it was an unintended tip for the housekeeping staff at the Shirlington Hilton Garden Inn. You did a great job keeping his room clean! Fortunately, though, Amazon had us covered and after a brief delay we are back online and ready to start posting again.

Rather then continue with the Adelaide and Southern Australia pictures we decided to take a breif detour to a post we had intended to get up months ago, but never quite got around to it. About a ten minute drive from where we live is a little area called Gold Creek that has a bunch of specialty shops and restaurants. Cockington Greene, the miniature model villiage we posted pictures from a while back, is also there. In Gold Creek, there is a fantastic tea shop called Adore Tea that once a month does formal High Teas. Our friend Katrina invited us, and it sounded like a lot of fun, so off we went.

Any event that automatically hands you a glass of sparkling white wine as soon as you arrive is pretty much guaranteed to be a good time. That's just science, you can't argue with it.

Here is the two of us being adorable. Laurel is wearing a snappy outfit she picked up in Launceston. Quick pop quiz- which state in Australia is Launceston in? A guaranteed no-prize to the first person to post the correct answer.

Here is the menu. Oh man, this is going to be good. Be jealous.

First service, the traditional tea sandwiches- this was Laurel's favorite. Smoked salmon is hard to beat.

For entertainment they had a live singer. She was pretty good, made for a very nice atmosphere. Greg was also quite jealous of the dude in the foreground's rockin' vest. He needs to get some vests.

Now for the savoury service. Please note the extra, superfluous "u". This was probably Greg's favorite course. Sundried tomatos on basil and pesto? Pumpernickel ham sandwiches with mustard? There is nothing not to like here.

Check out this crazy tea! The menu called it a flowering white tea with jasmine. Sounds pretty good. Had no idea that meant we got an actual flower in the tea. The bulb opened up in the water, until it looked like this. Tea and a show! In picture form this may not seem like that big of a deal, but we were pretty impressed.

Final course! Treats, cakes, and best of all scones. Scones in Australia (and I'm assuming England) are completely different then they are in the States. Here, they are much closer to biscuits and served with cream and jam. Adore Tea probably has the best in the city. We're pretty sure that scones are going to be the number one thing we miss when we move back.

And this is our friend Katrina who we went with. She works with Laurel and is fairly to incredibly awesome.

Mmmmmmm, and a treat to take back home with us! It's a white chocolate truffle infused with tea. It was delicious.  Adore Tea does these High Teas once a month, so maybe if anyone comes to town we can take you for a delightful afternoon of tea.


  1. We had high tea during our trip to London. It was lots of fun. You guys are looking totally fab, by the way.

  2. All right - find out when the High Tea is scheduled while we're in Australia, and that's the time we'll spend in Canberra. This looks amazing! Yum yum...