Saturday, January 29, 2011

Queensland flooding

So, I know it has been forever since we've posted, and I apologize. It's a combination of unreliable internet access and sheer laziness. We are aiming to do some giant catching up this week, so cross your fingers for mega-updates.

This is a short one, an interlude, before getting back to Tasmania Funtimes '11. Most of you have probably heard about the flooding in Queensland. The province is the size of France and Germany combined.  An unusally wet spring and epic rainfalls in the summer have triggered truly devastating floods across the province, but especially along the Brisbane river. The sheer scale of the devastation is mind-boggling. The Premier of Queensland has compared the rebuilding process to that of recovering from a war.  The Australian government just passed a temporary tax levy on anyone making more than $50,000 AUD to help pay the reconstruction costs. Below is a link to some pretty incredible before and after pictures.

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